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Hello my lovely, faithful readers! A few days ago pearls on a string moved from to being self-hosted and unfortunately couldn’t automatically bring all of the subscribers with her. I’d love it if you joined me and re-signed up to receive new post notifications. Come find the new, improved, and Martha Stewart approved(!) site at! If daily emails aren’t your thing, there’s always Facebook, Bloglovin’, or RSS feed. Thank you so much for your support, comments, and daily visits! I appreciate each one of you!



weekend whats

nutella-stuffed-cookies{Bake: Nutella-stuffed sea salt chocolate chip cookies}

Thank goodness it’s Friday. I mean really. It was a short week, yes, but I am ready for the weekend. What are your plans for the first weekend of 2013? I hope to tackle some organizational projects (my stationery and craft center is a complete tornado after the holidays). If you find yourself with some extra time I highly suggest catching up on The Mindy Project. It’s hilarious. Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a lovely time!

the mindy project{Watch: The Mindy Project}

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cranberries with Barley{Eat: A healthy post-holiday meal of roasted brussels sprouts and cranberries with barley}

ombre flowers{Decorate: With colorful florals}

layered necklaces{Wear: Layered pendant necklaces}

dinner party{Stay in: Host a dinner party with friends}

puppy birthday cake

I’m going to forewarn all of you right away that you’ll probably snicker at the ridiculous level of spoiled my dog is at. He pretty much gets 99% of what he wants, including his own birthday cake. He doesn’t really consider himself spoiled, just loved and doted on the normal amount that two humans without […]

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decorating a console/buffet table

I’ve been vying for a giant wood and glass cabinet for many years now and it’s just not happening for several reasons: the cost, the inevitable move it will have to make since we live in a rental, and because I’m too afraid to unpack 90% of what I would actually like to display (china passed […]

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eggnog waffles

Are you completely eggnogged out yet?  Yes, I realize it’s January 1st and it may not be acceptable to continue consuming eggnog and eggnog flavored treats.  But, if you need just one more holiday food before really shutting the door on the season and if you have a little eggnog that may soon go to […]

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winter layers

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful night last night.  Did you go out?  Make out with strangers?   Do tell.  Nathan and I had a wonderfully relaxing evening with our leftover cioppino, a cozy fire, and Charlie loudly snoring throughout the evening.  Because I am still recovering from mono (yes, it’s never-ending) I […]

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anatomy of a thank you note

Kids write the best thank you  notes.  A few years ago my brother, sister, and I came across a box of every thank you note we’d ever written to our grandparents.  My adorable grandmother had kept each one and discovering this hidden treasure ended up being one of the best gifts, providing hours of laughter. […]

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weekend whats

Happy Friday! A midweek holiday makes the week feel like it’s gone by incredibly fast yet impossibly slow. How does it do that? I hope everyone had a great week and has some relaxation in their plans for this weekend. I mean serious relaxation to end a busy year off with, such as an entire […]

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festive dinner: cioppino

I have a confession.  It’s a big one.  Are you ready for it?  Okay.  I do not like going out on New Year’s Eve.  I really don’t.  It’s expensive, crowded, and almost always a giant letdown.  There’s so much pressure to have the best night ever, to look fabulous, and be awake when midnight rolls […]

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after-christmas sale frenzy: how to spend wisely

I hope you had a lovely holiday.  My day was perfectly relaxing with just the right amount of FaceTime with family members (including watching my 3 and 5 year old nephews go ape crazy over their gifts).  But more on that later; I will be posting on the cioppino we made because it turned out […]

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