weekend whats

giltter poms and champagneHappy Friday! A midweek holiday makes the week feel like it’s gone by incredibly fast yet impossibly slow. How does it do that? I hope everyone had a great week and has some relaxation in their plans for this weekend. I mean serious relaxation to end a busy year off with, such as an entire day devoted to reading a book, a massage, a très late sleep-in, and a leisurely morning drinking coffee in bed. I think that sounds like a glorious weekend. This week’s weekend whats are inspired straight from you, my lovely readers. Since pearls on a string started in early 2012, not only is this near the end of the calendar year but it is almost the culmination of pearls’ first birthday. To commemorate the year I took a look back to see which posts were the most read and talked about. I hope these will inspire you for the days ahead.

sock bun{Style: An easy updo with a sock bun tutorial}

book a ticket and just leave{Travel: Book a ticket and just leave}

michael-phelps-and-ryan-lochte{Inspire: The popularity of this post may have to do with this picture rather than my eleven swimming lessons}

OT school{Thank: A healthcare professional. Learn: About occupational therapy!}

rustic wedding invitations{Express yourself: With nontraditional yet classic wedding invitations}

DIY letters{Create: A personalized baby gift}

Thank you everyone for reading pearls on a string. I appreciate every visitor, friend, and peruser who stops by!


  1. Congratulations on “Pearls” first year!!!

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