eggnog waffles

eggnog wafflesAre you completely eggnogged out yet?  Yes, I realize it’s January 1st and it may not be acceptable to continue consuming eggnog and eggnog flavored treats.  But, if you need just one more holiday food before really shutting the door on the season and if you have a little eggnog that may soon go to waste, then eggnog waffles may be exactly what you need.  Such was the case this past weekend when Husband was taking down the tree.  I couldn’t stand the jollylessness (um, is that a word?) of our emptying living room and needed to hold onto the holiday season with just one more indulgence.  Plus, the expiration date was nearing for a giant jug of eggnog we had.  I used this recipe and subbed the buttermilk with eggnog, added 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg and cinnamon into the dry ingredients, and folded in 3/4 cup chopped pecans just before baking. They turned out perfect for a leisurely brunch with just the right amount of eggnog flavoring.  Charlie was especially jonesing for a taste.

stiff foam peaks

waffle batter with pecans

belgium waffles


dog begging for food

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