winter layers

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful night last night.  Did you go out?  Make out with strangers?   Do tell.  Nathan and I had a wonderfully relaxing evening with our leftover cioppino, a cozy fire, and Charlie loudly snoring throughout the evening.  Because I am still recovering from mono (yes, it’s never-ending) I am not consuming great amounts of adult beverages and I am glad to celebrate New Year’s Day in a non-hungover state.  It’s pretty rad, I highly recommend it.  Hello 2013!

Wedding planning is in full swing for my one of closest pals and last week I peeled myself out of my sweats to go bridesmaid dress shopping in Georgetown.  With her, her mom, and I, it was the perfect day of wedding chat, lunch at Cafe Bonaparte, and girl time that I’ve been missing with my minimal social life.  The gals at Hitched Salon made trying on 15+ dresses quite painless, which was fortunate because there were decedent French desserts to be eaten.  (It’s all about priorities.)  It was pretty chilly so I kept warm in easy layers that could be shed quickly for trying on dresses.  And because it’s still difficult to muster the motivation to actually get dressed, I pulled my hair in a messy sock bun, threw on a statement necklace, and to DC we went.


winter outfits

statement necklace

winter layers

messy sock bun

french desserts

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