Welcome to pearls on a string. Thank you so much for stopping by! about me collage 1My name is Lesleigh. I am from Oregon. I am married to a wonderful man who makes me laugh every day. I work at a children’s hospital as an occupational therapist. I love to bake and I am obsessed with my dog.

about me collage 2My husband and I moved to Maryland shortly after our wedding. I am an awful dancer. I believe in enjoying the luxuries in life.

about me collage 3My favorite indulgence in life is a good latte and a pastry. You’ll usually find me with my hair up and taking pictures of anything and everything.

about me collage 4My husband and I love to travel. He really loves to hunt. I love to relax anywhere near water. We make it work.

I believe in regular manicures, handwritten notes on pretty paper, and baking from scratch. I love style and working at a children’s hospital, which often do not go well together. pearls on a string was created in an attempt to keep in touch with my west coast friends and family and for me to talk about lovely things that I find and do here on the east coast. Happy reading!

*And drink plenty of coffee.


  1. Katelin Lester says:

    Thank you for writing this!

  2. Very nice blog! You r so pretty!

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