puppy birthday cake

dog and cakeI’m going to forewarn all of you right away that you’ll probably snicker at the ridiculous level of spoiled my dog is at. He pretty much gets 99% of what he wants, including his own birthday cake. He doesn’t really consider himself spoiled, just loved and doted on the normal amount that two humans without children can bestow upon a pet. Plus, how can you say no to that face? He turned seven two weeks ago so clearly Nathan and I threw him a pawty. (Yes, I really did just say that.) Although I did not taste the cake, he and his neighbor pals seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I’m going to assume he’d consider it the perfect compliment to the tenderloin gristle he had for dinner. Ugh.

½ cup cornmeal
½ cup all-purpose flour
One cup whole wheat flour
One teaspoon baking soda
One teaspoon baking powder
¼ cup honey
One egg
One cup shredded carrots
One cup diced celery
One cup chicken broth
½ cup shredded cheese (I used muenster)

Four ounces softened cream cheese
¼ cup carob powder
One tablespoon vegetable oil
Goat cheese (for the decorative balls)

1. Preheat oven to 350. Grease a baking pan (I used an 8” x 6” x 2”).
2. Mix all of the cake ingredients together.
3. Cook for 25-30 minutes. The cake should be firm. Let cool completely.
4. While the cake is cooking make the frosting by beating the cream cheese, vegetable oil, and carob powder together until combined.
5. Transfer the cake onto a plate or tray. Frost the cake using a spatula. Roll the goat cheese into little balls for decoration.
6. Decorate as desired.

carrots and celery

dog cake

puppy cake

birthday party for dog

dog birthday

birthday cake


  1. Maggie has had many a birthday parties. Actually some of hers were bigger than our kids’. She still loves presents. We couild not keep her out of the gifts that Santa brought for her and eveyone else. There is nothing wrong with celbrating Charlie’s birthday. Maggie and Lulu just wish they could have been there to celebrate too. I won’t show them the cake!!

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