black tie attire

Happy April, friends!  It is now officially one of my favorite months.  The temperatures are stabilizing, flowers are blooming left and right, farmers’ markets come out of hiding, and it doesn’t sound bananas to start planning summer festivities.  

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I attended my first black tie affair and had a wonderful time.  The caveat to having a wonderful time, however, came Sunday morning with a pounding headache and the devastating discovery that my camera had fallen out of my clutch during the cab ride home.  I am usually quite responsible with my belongings which makes the situation much harder to swallow.  Naturally the lost camera equals lost pictures from the night.  The few I salvaged from my phone hardly do the evening justice, yet offer a glimpse into the most important part (the attire).

{An updo that takes five minutes to style.)

{I stuck to a navy blue and white theme with a pop of color on my fingers.}

{My handsome date attempting a Barney Stinson pose.  Tips for guys who do not own their own tux: To elevate the look from Prom 2012 to grownup attire rent the tux but purchase a nice shirt, tie, and shoes which can be worn again.}

{The wedding took place at The Willard Hotel which has beautiful, intricate woodwork throughout.  I loved exploring the historic hotel and taking a hundred pictures of the decor…oh, wait, I don’t have those.  Tear.}

{I just have to show off these earrings.  They were definitely worth the overnight shipping costs.}

{I was très excited to bust out my wedding shoes.  Advice for brides: Buy shoes you can wear again.  (The fabulous Erin of Apartment 34 also agrees!)}

Despite the last-minute frenzy of our attire, my husband and I were certainly two of the most dressed up people there.  This forces me to ponder: Does no one else read Emily Post and would you rather be the most or least dressy at a special occasion?


  1. pretty! your make-up is flawless!

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