rent the runway {good decision}

I make poor decisions on a regular basis.  Most recently I ran into and broke the garage door of our apartment complex, unintentionally imitated the accent of a fellow from England while I was talking to him, paid an exorbitant amount for overnight shipping from J. Crew, and repeatedly consume too many baked goods.  However, sometimes I actually exhibit a small amount of wisdom.  Such is the case when I opted to not purchase a so-so dress and decided to rent a gown from Rent the Runway.  I cannot speak highly enough of their impeccable customer service that somehow resulted with me receiving five gowns for the price of one.  I was giddy with excitement driving home from work yesterday, eager to play dress up in attire I surely could never afford.  I would recommend using Rent the Runway to all gals who needs a dress for nearly any occasion.  

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I am busy getting pretty for tonight’s festivities but will be back on Monday with lots of exciting upcoming posts.  With April brings my husband’s birthday, our two-year wedding anniversary, occupational therapy month, and a certain special announcement (no, I am not preggers).  Until then, a sneak peak:

{Freshly painted toes (Chanel April) and fingers (Chanel Distraction)}

{Dare I mix prints at black tie?  Why not!  I am certain this J. Crew clutch will be used again and again.}

{New makeup makes a night out extra special!  Lipgloss in Wild Rose and blush in Plum Attraction}

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