{the final four} favorite iphone photo apps

It can be overwhelming to sift through the hundreds (thousands?) of iPhone photo apps on iTunes.  I have been trialling several and while I am definitely not an expert I managed to accrue a few favorites for snapping pictures.  Now that my real camera resides in the back of a cab somewhere in DC my iPhone will definitely be my primary means of taking pictures until I can swing for this one.  Sigh.  Until then, my four favorite iPhone photo apps:

{PicFx for lovely lighting effects}

Taken with regular iPhone camera:

After using one of the PicFx lighting adjustments:

{Instagram (of course!) to make a basic picture look more interesting.  Confused on the setting?  The husband and I tend to eat dinner on the coffee table so we try to dress it up to feel less couch potato-ish.  Eating at the actual dining table is apparently way too much work for us.}

{Masking Tape to add notes to a picture or tape to the top/sides of pictures.  I love the variety of cute tape patterns and color choices.}

{Photo Shop Express to reduce noise and increase clarity…plus it makes skin look très smooth.  (Hair from this post)}

Go forth and let us all be picture monkeys sans incredibly expensive cameras!  If only I had a little picture monkey to follow me around.  How do the fancy bloggers do it?

{Post Script: It is incredibly heart warming when other people enjoy Pearls on a String.  I love when I am reading other blogs and discover I am the honored recipient of a shout out!  Such is the case when I was perusing a friend’s blog and learned I made her honor roll.  Thanks, Linds!} 

{Also, today is Darling Husband’s birthday!  That means tomorrow’s post will be on the scrumptuous dessert I have prepared for him: mini carrot cakes in ramekins with toasted coconut cream cheese frosting.  Cheers to the birthday man!}



  1. I love those adorable wine glasses. Where ever did you find them??
    Aunt Beth

  2. beautiful tree.

  3. That first lighting effect is beautiful and I love your hair in the last photo.

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