weekend whats {birthday edition}

chocolate cake{Indulge: Chocolate cake from the Ritz-Carlton}

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a lovely week. I had an especially lovely week since my birthday was yesterday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. It started with an endearing rendition of “Happy Birthday”, a long-desired gift, and thoughtful poem from my husband. Then I spent the day with one of my best friends for a luxurious champagne lunch, shopping, and an impromptu dessert with her mom, too. My heart is still warm from all the calls and texts from friends and family. My husband made one of my favorite dinners and we enjoyed a relaxing evening at home. . . and then the power went out. What? So we lit every candle in the house and woke up to blown surges. Lovely. Today’s weekend whats are ways to make a birthday (or any day) fabulous. Have a great weekend!

tom ford lip{Beautify: With new Tom Ford lipstick and gloss}

louis vuitton wallet{Invest: A forever wallet}

christmas tree{Pose: In front of a beautiful tree. Some clichés must be done!}

leather and glitter{Wear: A leather skirt + a sparkly belt for dinner out}

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