eggnog mousse + chocolate lady fingers

eggnog mousse in jars

I have only one regret about this treat, and it is that I am only just now posting about it.  It is that good.  If you’re unsure of what your Christmas dessert should be, or if you enjoy eating delectable goodies for no reason, then you should definitely make these two together.  The eggnog mousse is impossibly light, almost like eggnog flavored whipped cream, and with chocolate lady fingers the combination is a wonderfully seasonal and tasty delicacy.  For token gifts, I layered the two in mason jars, topped with chocolate curls, and used fabric scraps with red jute cord to tie it off (don’t forget the plastic wrap under the fabric).  For enjoyment at home, just dollop the mousse into ramekins, sprinkle with chocolate curls, and use the ladyfinger as a spoon.  Yes.

eggnog ingredients

eggnog mousse


holiday dessert in a jar

chocolate curls

eggnog mousse in ramekin

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