leather bracelets

birthday girls

My sister and I grew up with an interesting birthday predicament: Not only are our birthdays within a week of Christmas but they are only one day apart.  Her birthday is the day before mine yet she was born five years before me.  And, as you may have guessed, today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday, Kristine!  Growing up we despised our birthday misfortune.  Especially our poor mother, who had all three kids’ birthdays (our brother’s is in early January) and Christmas to plan for within two weeks.  My sister and I often had to share birthday celebrations and cakes, which did not go over well considering our age difference.  Now that we’re older I think it’s quite lovely we get to celebrate our birthdays together.  We can often turn it into a big celebration, which works perfectly with a five-year age spread (my 25th and her 30th was quite memorable).  Last year she visited me in Maryland for a weekend birthday celebration and in a champagne-induced frenzy we decided we had to buy each other a gift and it just had to be these matching Tory Burch leather bracelets.  Umm, sure.  Yeah.  Completely logical.  Now, whenever I wear my bracelet, I think of her and how much fun it was to buy them together for our birthdays.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that leather bracelets are très cute, stack perfectly with watches and metal or gem bracelets, and look great on their own.

leather bracelets

From the top left: logo plaque double wrap | braided leather bracelet | purple lock bracelet | orange leather bracelet | plaited bracelet | turquoise double wrap | leather twist bracelet | navy blue braid with chevron clasp | pink leather with gold hardware bracelet | white calfskin bracelet


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