peppermint bark brownies

peppermint bark brownies

My husband requested my baking assistance for his company’s holiday party and spent weeks deciding what treat he would like to bring. Then, as soon as our trusted Williams-Sonoma catalog arrived with what appeared to be a complicated yet amazingly delicious treat on the cover he knew that’s what he wanted. Okay, I guess I’ll figure that out. They are surprisingly easy when based off of this a m a z i n g brownie recipe (tweaked over many years, click the link for the full recipe) topped with peppermint bark achieved by melted chocolate and crumbled candy cane. If you have any room left for holiday baking, definitely try these.

brownie ingredients

brownie batter

chopped white chocolate

chopped candy cane

peppermint bark

peppermint bark brownies

The key to serving these and not creating a disaster of brownie and candy crumbs is ensuring they’ve been refrigerated for several hours (preferably overnight if you have the time). I cut them with the sharpest knife in my arsenal and individually wrapped them with cut up candy bags and tied with baking twine, which helped to keep them all together and more appealing to enjoy. Happy baking!

{PS The recipe is on a separate page (click here) sans pictures so it is easier to print and follow, per a lovely reader’s request. Let me know how you like it!}


  1. Lauren James says:

    These look delicious! I will be making these for the office
    party on Wednesday.

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