rustic glam gift wrap

wrapping paperWhen I was little I was the designated wrapper for all holiday gifts. The role gave me such pleasure knowing what everyone in my family was getting, especially when I wrapped my mom’s present from my dad. I’d rearrange the gifts with each new addition to ensure every box’s colorful and shiny ribbon could be seen underneath the tree. These days, I take even more pleasure wrapping presents as I did back then and try to incorporate elements representative of the receiver, like peacock inspired paper for my sister-in-law who loves peacocks. I’m often overwhelmed with all of the gift wrap options and how-to’s (not to mention being short on time), so I think it is important to remember not all wrapping needs to be très fancy, cost more than the gift itself, or scream Christmas(!). Simple is good. (And never underestimate the power of glitter, thick paper, and tight corners.)

I love the juxtaposition between rustic and glam in decorating and dressing, so assumed it’d work just as well with gift wrap. This document wrapping paper is a perfect neutral background for burlap and glitter ribbons. Even better, it works for all holidays/occasions and I was able to add red ribbon for a Christmas gift and pink glitter ribbon for a birthday gift. (Words to remember: Do not give someone whose birthday is in December a birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper.) Expensive bows make me sad once the present is unwrapped so I used tree ornaments that cost the same yet can actually be used for a purpose. This how-to via Style Me Pretty is amazing and I wish I had seen it prior to doing my wrapping! I would have definitely cut up a sweater for bows like this.

wrapping paper for kids

holiday wrapping paper

glitter pom pom

how to wrap presents


  1. alexandriamarie1 says:

    Love wrapping too! Even though it may be a little outdated, my favorite additions to a wrapped present are monogrammed labels for the recipient. I recently found this darling website that has a great free label template for them.

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