nightstand makeover

gray nightstandLiving in a rental makes it challenging to decorate. Buying new furniture means it will inevitably have to be moved (my nemesis) and the longevity of a piece of furniture is often unknown given how much a new house can change the look of existing decor. Also, this has nothing to do with living in a rental, I always want furniture that is way too expensive. I’ve been using a trusty $25 Target nightstand since my early grad school days and was ready for an update, yet could find nothing that fit my taste and budget. Sigh. Story of my life. Until we move and/or hit the jackpot a few coats of paint and new accessories will have to do.

white nightstandSo I may not have the best before pictures. I repainted this when I was recovering from mono and thought I may n e v e r blog again. So dramatic. You can at least see the white paint, boring knob, excessive clutter, and ultra-feminine lamp (Husband is more than over my white/neutral phase of decorating). Oh don’t mind the dog stealing oatmeal.

paint furnitureMy helpful and handy husband sanded down the nightstand and then I applied three coats of satin paint (Martha Stewart Cement Gray) with a sponge. Then I sanded down the edges for a worn-in look and covered in a polyurethane sealant.

rustic furniture

french wallpaperI wanted something fun to look at when I opened the drawer, so covered the inside with French-inspired wallpaper that pops with pink and gray. Now images of a French escape are the last thoughts in my mind before drifting off to sleep. The pink also ties in the replacement knob, which just makes me smile.

anthro knob

nightstand essentialsI’m trying to cut down on clutter and keep only bedside essentials in the drawer. For me this includes cuticle cream, lotion, a novel to read, headphones, a sleep mask with ear plugs, a phone charger, and a vintage jewelry case of my grandmother’s with various trinkets inside.

wire basketTo help keep the magnitude of magazines and books from growing out of control like before, I purchased this wire basket. I know as soon as the insides are overflowing, it’s time to purge.

nightstand essentialsI love waking up to my goddaughter every morning! Husband was happy to see the old lamp relegated to the guest room and this replacement base and shade take its place.

painted nightstand


  1. Sally Ptak says:

    I love the new shade!

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