easy braided updo

braided updo

I’m always looking for quick ways to style my lion’s mane (like this and this) that keeps it out of my face and is more interesting than my go-to top pony. This is a style that can be done in ten minutes or less yet looks très time-consuming, at least according to my husband (isn’t he sweet). This works best with hair that has gone 2-3 days without washing, which is perfect for lazy gals like me.  I used two small clear rubber bands and several bobby pins.

braided pigtails

To start, separate hair into two sections (the part shouldn’t be perfect). Get one section out of your way with a hair band. Begin to French braid the other section starting above your ear.

french braid pigtails

Once both sides are braided, roughen-up the tails so they are messy and thicker.

french braided updp

Twist the braids around your head on your ear side of the other braid. I’ve tried doing it on the other side as well, yet feel like my hair makes a wannabe halo. It makes me feel weird.

bobby pin

Use as many bobby pins as needed to secure the braids. I tried to hide the the tail of the braid underneath the other braid due to my rather dry ends.  (I hope my hair dresser isn’t reading this, she would not be pleased!)

braided updo

Hairspray more if needed. I messed it up a bit more and pulled sections out so it didn’t look too precious.

easy braided updo

What do you think?  Would you try it?

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