thanksgiving panini

Many people are shocked when they learn Husband and I (and Charlie, obviously) prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal for just the two three of us.  I am talking an entire meal: 15 pound turkey (we named him Terrence), mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie…everything.  We go through all of this for two main reasons.  1) Having a full Thanksgiving meal makes being away from family more bearable, and, 2) LEFTOVERS!  Obviously.  The best way to enjoy said leftovers are when warmed and gooey in a crispified sandwich courtesy of our panini press.

The best way to add flavor and crunch to bread is chopped thyme in walnut oil brushed on the outside of the bread.  

Use the best bread you have and smear on the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.  We put blue cheese in our mashed potatoes but if you don’t, and for that I cannot imagine why, definitely put it on this sandwich.  You’ll thank me later.

Add sliced apples, turkey, and pepper.

Brush the bread with the oil mixture and put on the panini press/grill/whatever you’re using.

Serve with more leftovers: green beans and stuffing.  Now what happened to the pie?

Oh, I already ate it.

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