pinecone garland

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I’d like to make a grand claim that I am back for good similar to implications from my last post, however, this mono is a wretched brat that has relapsed four times now.  Those of you who have had mono know how it zaps one’s motivation and will to do nearly anything, including blogging.  Those of you who haven’t had mono, make sure you’re nice to people who have it!  With a little nudging from dear friends and lots of bed rest, I’ve come back to {blogging} life.  My favorite holiday and the beginning of the holiday season certainly helped to jumpstart my productivity.  The perfect DIY project to welcome myself back into crafting/life is simple, easy, and festive: Cinnamon-scented pinecone garland.  

To do: Twist wire throughout the pinecones (I used about 60 total), tie on additional pinecones using twine to fill in the gaps, and wrap Christmas tree lights around the garland.  So easy, right?  PS Our room smells a m a z i n g thanks to the cinnamon scent.  I was jonesing for a little sparkle so added glitter-covered pears to the garland using a hot glue gun.  It is the holidays after all.

Cozy.  Romantic.  Goodnight.


  1. So glad you are feeling better and back at it! I need someone to inspire me to make pretty things!

  2. Sally Ptak says:

    YEAH YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!! Great ideas. Love, Sally

  3. alexandriamarie1 says:

    This garland is the cutest, coziest thing I have ever seen!!! Your DIYing puts Martha to shame! Can’t wait to snuggle in that cozy bed of yours soon!

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