mono and the girl

Yes, you are reading this correctly, friends: I am here and, for the most part, alive.  I am so grateful for the concerned emails I received over the summer asking where in the heck I am, am I alive, what’s to be of pearls on a string?  Hearing that my absence was actually noticed made my heart warm and created excitement to get back to writing this little blog.  For those of you unaware I came down with mono in July and kissed the rest of my summer goodbye…and fall thus far, too.  Since I escaped my college days mono-free I assumed I was in the clear.  Alas, I did not account for the dirty little monkeys (read: super sick kids) I see every day that tend to spit in my face, drool uncontrollably, and grab erroneous body parts (a protruding bottom lip, for example) after sucking on their hand.  Sigh, the virus came and won with an inexplicable presence that left me with debilitating exhaustion, dizziness, and zapped all motivation to perform basic functions of living (e.g., showering as optional unless forced by husband). 

Luckily I had a trip nearly one year in the making: my best friend’s wedding + my goddaughter’s baptism + being home in Oregon for one week = no missing this trip, mono or not.  It was a great incentive to force myself to feel better and get out of my mono-induced rut.  Mind over matter.  Just don’t mind the relapse that occurred after my return.

Two months after I first felt sick I feel like I’m finally waking up and have stopped receiving such concerned comments from coworkers (“Wow, you look tired”).  Although it is a slow recovery with many ups and downs, it’s just in time for fall with a busy upcoming calendar and plenty of pumpkin spice lattes to drink.  Real life is setting back in, meaning full work weeks (gasp!), my Saturday job, and chores around the house.  I am très excited to get back to the gym (my body didn’t get the memo to lose weight during mono), create my fall to-do list (inspiration here), and attempt to squeak out any unchecked items from my summer to-do list during these last few warm days.  

So how did I spend my summer?  I caught all coverage of the Olympics, watched the entire series of Ugly Betty and Monk, consumed several boxes of creamsicles, snuggled on the couch with Charlie, had several pity parties, and stalked people actually having fun on Facebook.  Lately I also took a serious liking to Instagram (@leighfrank) and have actually began participating on Pinterest.  Those are my main accomplishments from Summer 2012.  Woot woot.

Have you ever had mono?  I’d loooove some advice/friendly words/encouragement as I attempt to slowly regain my life!  


  1. winterstar06 says:

    I am so glad you are finally feeling better; I was pretty worried but the status posts here and there kept me assured you were still sick. Welcome back!

  2. So sorry that you are sick! I got mono in college – it was terrible! My body was so exhausted. Drink some Jamba Juice and take advantage of some couch time to catch up on your favorite shows. Feel better!!!

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