the five best blogs you’re not reading


Temperatures are well over the 100s in the Mid-Atlantic and the heat index is topping 110°.  That.  Is.  Hot.  Outside activities are generally not an option, at least for me if it does not involve submerging in water.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, desperate for something to do besides cleaning your house as my husband currently wishes I was doing, then plop down in front of the AC unit with your computer and a cold beverage to read some great blogs that are significantly under-rated.

1.  The Simply Luxurious Life:  I was first drawn to this blog because it is written by an Oregon girl who is a teacher in a rural area.  I can’t think of a worse fashion disaster yet she eloquently brings style into her work wardrobe and luxury into everyday life.  Love.

2. Oh The Lovely Things:  The perfect blog to peruse when spending time indoors.  It is filled with DIY projects and inspirations to create a cozy, chic home.

3.  chevrons and éclairs:  You may have seen this darling blog on my blog roll, and I believe it is for good reason.  The author has the most amazing recipes and, ridiculously adorable, has a recipe index card on each post that is printable for her readers.  That is pretty much the cutest thing ever in addition to treats that look très delicious.   She also has a knack for finding perfect images on Pinterest.

4.  Domestic Diva, M.D.:  You don’t have to work in healthcare to appreciate her hilarious accounts of life as a medical student and her encounters with absurd patients and bizarre clinical instructors.  This blog is completely endearing because the author is obviously very smart (hello, future M.D.), witty, humble, and creates tasty looking meals.

5. Sadie & Dasie:  Okay, maybe a lot of people do check out this blog considering there are regularly 40+ likes on each post.  I had to include it anyway because I love the simplicity behind the blog:  One topic, three pictures.  Done.  No words, just impeccably chosen images to highlight a thought or idea.  Plus, she loves her dogs.  My kind of girl.

Do you have any other blogs that you visit daily?  Please share!  


  1. I visit my blog daily 🙂

  2. Aw this is just so incredibly sweet! Thank you so much for including my blog on here, it means a lot 🙂 xx.

  3. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I love finding new blogs! Thanks for the recommendations!

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