do you zoku? {frozen pops}

It is hot out.  So hot, that Charlie tries to dive into the fountain (yet gets high centered on the way over).  So hot, that after 15 seconds outside my makeup has run down to my shoulders.  So hot, that the scale has tipped from people acting friendly when it’s sunny to downright nasty due to unbearable heat.  Sigh, here’s to the next few months of humidity and heat.  This marks my third(!) summer as an East Coaster; you’d think I could handle it by now.  Well, there is one little device that has lessened the impact of these tortuous temperatures and it creates frozen treats.  Obviously a necessity.  Last month when Husband had surgery we splurged and purchased the Zoku Pop Maker because, 1.) He wanted frozen delicacies, and 2.) We were too impatient to wait the old-fashioned way.  So, we made an executive decision to honor our desire and laziness and, oh my word, I am so glad we did.  The Zoku Pop Maker is an amazing invention that freezes concoctions in less than fifteen minutes.  That’s right, my friends, you are only fifteen minutes away from homemade frozen treats and a blissful reprieve from insufferable weather.  And, because I am me afterall, I had to purchase the chocolate station, too.  Good for your belly, party in your mouth.   

{Coffee flavored pop with a chocolate shell.}

{Coconut pop which was later covered in a chocolate shell (amazing).  Husband prefered the fruit versions.}

I am not the only person obsessed.  There are tasty recipes and creative pictures all over (just search “Zoku” on Pinterest).  A few that I am dying to try soon:

{Cucumber Mint Margarita}

{Berry Mojito}

{Somoa Pops}

{Mimosa Pops}

Verdict:  The  Zoku Pop Maker is worth the splurge.  Buy it now and enjoy frozen treats all summer long.  The alcoholic versions remind me of jello shots for grownups.  (Cue coeds late 20/early 30-somethings screaming  in the background.)

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  1. Love this! May buy this as a birthday present for my girl friend. Maybe one for myself too haha

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