secret single behavior

I am going to assume most gals can quote Sex and the City by heart.  So, since I’ve been living the single life this week with Husband in Alaska, I couldn’t help but think of Secret Single Behaviors.  (Watch season four, episode thirteen if I’ve lost you.)  Did I fancy myself brunching with everyone’s four favorite ladies?  Perhaps.  Indeed.  Okay yes, I did.  Anyway, I have a few habits and tendencies that break out when I am all by myself, like letting the recycling pile high next to the door because it no longer fits under the sink yet the thought of taking it out grows more unbearable with each passing day.  Whether we’re sans significant other, roommate, or pet, we all have weird quirks that emerge.  What are yours?

{I let laziness win and enjoy super healthy dinners, like ice cream and graham crackers.}

{With all the time I saved on cooking and cleaning up afterwards, I read this book in three nights.}

{Without rolling eyeballs from Husband, I caught up on my favorite guilty pleasure.  Oh Blair Waldorf, let’s switch closets.  Yes?}

{I’ve been letting Charlie sleep with me every night rather than in his kennel.  This is despite the fact that he snores louder than any human.  Who can say no to this face?}

{And I have been participating in a bit too much online shopping after which I obsessively send my pals pictures of various options.}  

So, what are your Secret Single Behaviors?  You can share.  I won’t judge.  This is a safe place.

*All of the pictures except the one of Charlie were found via Pinterest*


  1. I dance in front of my mirror while brushing my hair, and like Charlotte, stare at my pores in a close up mirror.

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