spring business casual | floral loafers + striped pants

Oh business casual, what a potentially disastrous concept.  Or, if done correctly, the ideal work wardrobe.  The pieces usually lend themselves easily to weekend wear unlike a closet packed with suits, skirts, and heels or on the flip side a dresser full of scrubs.  I often wear button-ups on the weekends and live in easy loafers, which makes my wardrobe seem much more versatile.  I plan on reveling in the good fortune that is my work dress code, however, could do without the occasional bodily function splattered on my clothes courtesy of my patients.  Can’t win them all.

I would wear this linen shirt tucked into the cropped striped pants to show off a nautically inspired rope belt.  The floral loafers caught my eye the moment I saw them and I hope one day they will be mine (hint, hint Husband).  Aren’t they adorable?  What a perfect way to incorporate prints in an outfit with subtle shades and not in an overwhelming way.  I’d stack this Nixon bracelet watch, the pavé bangle, and the small pearl bracelet for happiness on my wrist.  (Remember how much a few bracelets can pep up a work outfit?)  Then top it off with a headband to take the emphasis away from sordid hair, and don’t pretend like you never go to work with an unkempt mane!  Or is that just me?  Sigh.

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