summer style shopping spree

Who doesn’t imagine having unlimited funds to fill their hypothetical dream closet?  I certainly do on a near-daily basis.  (Oops, am I not supposed to admit that?)  Sigh.  Back to reality.  What would you buy if you had a large but capped sum of $1000 to spend on clothes?  First, I would ecstatically run around our apartment.  Then, I would get to business.  

I love the look of white linen during summer (especially against tan skin) which is why I would scoop up this lightweight white linen dress (on sale for $130).  Next I would buy versatile gumdrop studs ($38) in a bright color.  Turquoise pairs well with anything and makes blue eyes pop.  I am eager to join the party and rock a bright pair of cropped jeans ($185).  These don’t look too tight and the shade of orange is perfect.  This macrame hobo ($435) is definitely the splurge and takes up almost half of the budget!  But, it’s casual enough for day, small enough for night, and screams summer.  An effortless maxi skirt ($118) is an absolute must-have.  I always reach for mine when I have less than a minute to get dressed and feel more polished than if I had just slipped on running shorts.  I adore the subtle stripes in neutral colors of this version.  I live in this basic white tank ($36).  I wear one under everything but it is also nice enough to sport on its own, especially paired with a maxi skirt.  Oh my word, I nearly died of excitement when I spotted these Salt-Water Sandals ($40)!  Can you believe they are back?  The gold pair help make the quintessential childhood summer shoe a tad more grown-up and would match nearly any ensemble.  A summer wardrobe is completed with a chic floppy hat ($15).  I love this color block version and the price.  

Keeping track?  The grand total comes to $997.  Summer style bliss, here I come.  (Now will someone please send me a check?)

{Don’t forget to enter to win the Hello!Lucky giveaway!  The winner will be chosen tonight at 8:00PM.}


  1. My fav thing on your board…The white dress!!! Love it! I used to own a pair of brown and a pair of white sandals just like those when I was young(er). Love your board!

  2. Such a lovely board… I love your picks!

  3. Such a lovely board… I love all your picks!

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