white chocolate raspberry swirl ice cream

Sometimes a gal just needs to unplug, which is exactly what I did last week.  I promise I did not intend to abandon my dear pals here, honestly!  But, every once in a while a break is a good thing.  Especially when it involves tasty frozen treats.  Husband had surgery last Thursday (nothing major, no worries necessary) which provided the perfect opportunity to veg out and relax.  My weekend was mostly spent cooking, a little cleaning, and lots of TV watching with the patient.  Naturally comfort food staples were the desired provisions but with a grown-up twist.  The first delicacy requested?  White chocolate and raspberry swirl ice cream.  It was perfect timing considering I just purchased this book filled with delicious ice cream recipes (and more, so much more!).

{Raspberry swirl sauce from scratch = worth the hassle.}

{Tip from the book: Pre-freeze the container for the ice cream to keep it cold.}

{I felt this was also the perfect opportunity to purchase his and hers ice cream bowls.  They are the perfect size and, I think, quite adorable!}

It’s time to dust off your ice cream maker and enjoy creamy, homemade goodness!  Just try to ignore the massive amounts of heavy cream called for.  Sigh.


  1. The ice cream cookbook looks awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!

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