oh baby! shower gifts

I like to think I know a thing or two about kids and babies.  After all, I’ve spent years babysitting newborns and have been working with kids since I was fifteen years old.  Alas, in my non-mother state my baby gift giving skills are usually items that I only think a new mom would want  (à la a luxurious candle for rare moments of relaxation).  I have a few old faithful baby gifts, like a foot and handprint frame or a personalized name bookbut do new parents actually like (let alone use) these?  Since my dance card appears to hold many baby showers in its future I wanted to find out what new mothers actually want.  If you don’t know someone well enough to create personalized letters then what is an acceptable, and most importantly desirable, baby gift?  I went straight to the source and asked a few of my favorite gals with wee ones what their favorite baby shower gifts were.  I received so many amazing ideas that each gal earned her own list.  Today is my sister’s list, mother of two of the handsome boys featured here.  Hers is full of practical items new moms truly need (and one fancy diaper bag!).

First Row: kate spade diaper bag, Little Giraffe blanketsHalo SleepSack

Second Row: Wee Gallery Art Cards (confession: I added these!), Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover, Béaba Babycook Baby Food Maker

Third Row: Robeez Slip-On and Bootie

Fourth Row: Pack of White Onesies, My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow, Béaba Soft Spoon & Fork Set

Words to the wise:  There are many seemingly trivial details that non-moms forget.  For example, when buying clothes for the babe make sure he or she will fit into the outfit during the appropriate season (i.e., do not buy a cute swim suit for a 3 month old if the bébé is born in November).  That never would have occurred to me!  Other ideas: a Halo Cradle Baby Swing, Co Sleeper, and a Bumbo chair.

Stay tuned next week for another baby gift list provided by my très chic friend, Bree.

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