day in the swimming hole

I really try to refrain from entire posts dedicated to my furry child, but our Sunday was so lovely with a favorite outing I had to share.  There is a charming spot a quick five-minute walk from our front door and when we head off in that direction Charlie achieves near-hyperventilation with excitement.  He knows there is swimming in his imminent future.  (He is his mother’s pet after all.)  It’s one of the reasons I love Annapolis; there are endless hidden nooks and crannies of water and, if it weren’t for the giant water-front home, we’d feel like the only people ever there.  

{He looks like a sea otter.}

{The beautiful view: gorgeous houses and their equally impressive boats.  Sigh.}


  1. What a cute dog Charlie is. Looks like he’s having fun.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

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