kitchen desires

I honestly do not believe gadgets make the cook.  I truly think cooking should be like learning math: learn how to do it independently and then start using the calculator for more difficult tasks.  That being said, there are some really amazing tools out there.  And I want them.  Naturally I created a list of desirable kitchen tools and accessories that I don’t have that would make any life easier (and chicer):

{I’ve had my eye on this Bamix Immersion Blender for several years.  It seems perfect for soups, eggs, and frosting.}

{Now that the season is here, this Farmer’s Market Basket collection would look especially adorable in the refrigerator holding fresh berries.}

{My little four-cup food processor is sometimes more hassle than it’s worth, which is why I am vying for this twelve-cup Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor.}

{The steak knives currently used in our kitchen are reminiscent of Husband’s undergraduate days.  I am desperate for an upgrade to adulthood with these chic Laguiole Steak Knives.}

{Cutting boards are a random item that I am perpetually drawn to.  This Pig Cutting Board makes me laugh and would surely make chopping up vegetables (one of my least favorite tasks) a bit more enjoyable.}

{Sometimes a tiny Toaster Oven is all that is needed for toasting bread that needs to stay horizontal or warming up leftovers.}

{I think the adorable Le Creuset Cassis Petite Stoneware Cocotte speaks for itself with the fun colors, tiny size, and individual servings.  I need them immediately if not sooner.}

{Confession:  I love donuts.  I know they are practically the devil in food form, but I love them nonetheless.  Donuts remind me of leaving unbearably early for ski trips, surprise treats after morning practices, or just times of ultimate indulging.  I try to rarely to eat them but I think if I had a Mini Donut Pan I could justify the caloric binge since they would be homemade and baked rather than store-bought and fried.}

It’s almost wedding season, too, so keep these in mind for the new couple.  Are there any other kitchen desires on your list?

*Also, exciting news!  In an attempt to stop harassing/annoying my beloved friends on my personal Facebook page pearls on a string is now growing up and has her own page!  Whoa.  I’d really love it if you visited and liked pearls on a string by clicking here.  Thank you so much!*



  1. I have wanted an immersion hand blender for so long!!! Glad I can follow via facebook now!

  2. i LOVE those steak knives 🙂

  3. winterstar06 says:

    I love that cutting board; it would make me giggle every time I used it. Tee hee!

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