gray feathers {bridal shower invitations}

I have been bursting with excitement to unveil the bridal shower invitations for my bestie whose wedding is in September.  (She only just saw said invitations yesterday for the first time when it arrived in the mail.)  It’s not everyday that a beloved friend at the age of three is still a beloved friend at the age of, ahem, 20-something.  I am beyond devastated that I will be absent for the shower and jumped at the chance to feel even a wee bit involved by contributing via my love for stationery.  Hello!Lucky (naturally) provided the perfect design which was then made even better by her incredibly chic wedding colors: gold, gray, champagne, and ivory.

{I had a handful of vintage wedding stamps leftover from my wedding invitations and felt this was the perfect special occasion to bust them out.  (I hope you’re digging the rustic addition, Tess!)}

{I love the address labels from Hello!Lucky.  They make addressing envelopes très simple and always coordinate with the surprise inside.}

{It is hard to read in an attempt to hide the personal details, but the RSVP is written out in its true French form: Répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “Respond, if you please.”  Oui!}

{Oops!  While I was perusing the gorgeous invitation selection I fell in love with these sweet notecards.  And my husband was happy to see my new (i.e., two years old) monogram in ink rather than continuing to send out my old version.  These will certainly be used for random hello’s and sending a proper thank you note.}

If you’re loving this stationery then get excited for the giveaway Hello!Lucky is sponsoring here on pearls on a string next week!   There is more paper bliss to come.  Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    Beautiful invitations and notecards!

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