tourist in my own town {visit annapolis}

I was tired Saturday.  Like falling asleep in five seconds, couldn’t lift my hand to scratch my nose kind of tired.  I had just finished a nearly 60 hour work week and I wanted to get into bed at 5:30pm.  (I realize a 60 hour work week is typical for some and you may not think it’s très hard but I am not going to feel inadequate by comparing, remember?)  The gorgeous weather sans humidity was beckoning though and I mustered up the energy to go on a walk with Husband and Charlie.  The beautiful evening immediately perked me up and I felt ridiculous for my earlier bout of laziness.  The jaunt turned into a “quick drink” sitting outside by the water, then “how about a few oysters?”, and then “we might as well just order dinner…and more drinks”.  Sitting there enjoying our lovely town and hearing the multitude of languages being spoken I realized that Annapolis, Maryland is a tourist destination itself and perhaps I should take advantage and stop pining away for Boston.  Determined to make the most of what I deem The Best City in the Mid-Atlantic I decided to make a list of the activities Husband and I always talk about doing but rarely get around to.  We are going to be tourists in our town this summer.

{Tour the United States Naval Academy.  We walk by it every weekend yet never venture inside.}

{Rent jet skis for a day.}

{Take a sailing lesson.}

{Go kayaking.  Okay, already did that.  But it deserves several rounds.}

{See a concert at Rams Head Tavern.}  

{Eat a bucket of blue crab (preferably caught by moi).}

{Peruse the farmers’ market, especially for fresh flowers.  Peonies, please!}

What about you, friends?  Any plans to be a tourist in your own town this summer?

*All pictures (except the kayaking picture) were found via Pinterest*


  1. I will be in Annapolis on the 2nd running the Zooma half marathon! I live only an hour away and have never been! I feel the same way though living in DC. I enjoy when friends visit because I explore the city so much more, plus the surrounding area.

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