i heart boston

Do you ever find yourself in a city and feel you were destined to live there?  That is exactly how I felt the moment we drove into Boston for the first time.  I love the architecture, the history, the giant parks smack in the middle of the city, and I nearly understand the accent.  Sadly, it is unlikely I will ever live there.  Even more sadly, we could have lived there instead of Baltimore.  Excuse me while I cry in the corner for a few moments.

We arrived to a delightful surprise of chilled champagne for a belated anniversary celebration.  (Thank you, Nine Zero Hotel!)  We immediately ventured out to Boston Common and then to a delicious dinner of oysters and lobster ravioli at the oldest restaurant in the country.  Throughout our time I think husband and I walked at least ten miles around the city and afterwards realized that we felt perfectly safe the entire time and never wandered into any sketchy neighborhoods.  

{I loved walking around Newbury Street.  Husband had to keep reeling me in.  “Look, Chanel!  Over there, Diane von Furstenberg!”  My neck still hurts from the rapid head turns.  My heart still hurts from not doing any actual shopping.}

{Charlie is scared of the duck statues.  Weird dog.}

{We walked the whole thing, start to finish.  True tourists!}

{Perfect time of year to go and see the real baby ducklings!  What a cute little family.}

{Isn’t this guy adorable in his chambray shirt?}

{I planned so many cute outfits only to have them covered by my jacket.  Sad face.}

{Everyone I talked to told us to go to Mike’s Pastry and it was for a very good reason.  The place is amazing.}

{Oh, yes, hazelnut cannoli.  Good thing we walked so much.}

{Loving Little Italy.}


  1. Vittoria says:

    those baby ducks are so cute! and i love the statues and your dog’s reaction to them!

    xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

  2. Amazing photos 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed Boston!

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