provincetown {loving the cape cod life}

Provincetown in Cape Cod is just as idyllic as one would expect.  Quaint houses with fences and shutters(!), gorgeous beaches, and lush trees line the perfectly kept streets.  It has a very interesting culture, yet most devastatingly was the shocking knowledge that only 25% of the town was open for business.  The majority of shops and restaurants remain closed until mid-May which made for a few sad travelers plus one dog wandering the streets.  Luckily the natural scenery provided plenty to do and explore.  A few highlights from our time there:

{Oh, hello, Gucci Fiat in our hotel parking lot.  Whaaat?}

{Mmmm, gelato.  Who cares if it’s cold enough for a scarf and jacket?  I love frozen treats.}

{Adirondack rocking chairs, a blanket, a book, a glass of wine.  Perfection.}

{Perfectly pink blossoms scatter the streets.}

{A lovely (albeit brisk) afternoon spent on the beach.  Underneath that coat is a similar version of this outfit.}

{I wish this was our hotel.  Sigh.  It wasn’t.}

{I just can’t get enough of him.  He lives for the beach.  And sticks.  And treats.}

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