baking supply organization 101

The best possible thing to top off a vacation is a two day staycation at home to relax and take care of those pesky little chores like laundry and grocery shopping.  Husband and I planned our return date perfectly for this reason alone since we rarely have an actual two day weekend (one of us is always working, major bummer).  I was able to get tons done like cleaning my makeup brushes and re-organizing the baking cupboard, which is an atrocious disaster. 

{It’s a tornado of nuts and chocolate.}

{The solution?  Clear jars perfect for stacking which also allow ingredients to stay visible.}

{Supplies: Chalkboard paint, paint brush, jars, and chalk.  So simple.  The jars I used are from Target and Sur La Table and range from $3.00–$5.00.}

{To do: Paint an area with chalkboard paint.  I painted three coats and waited two hours between each coat.  I wasn’t particularly concerned with perfect shapes (you know I love a rustic vibe) but if you try this at home and want perfection I suggest using tape for a guide.}

{Then let the paint dry overnight before writing with chalk.}

{Fill jars and label accordingly.}

{Success!  It looks much better and will be significantly easier to navigate when baking.}

Do you have any other organization tips?  


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    Such a cute and easy idea! My kitchen (and let’s be honest, whole house) needs some major organization!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Super cute idea Les! Love it! Why don’t you head on down to VA and help me out? 🙂

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