road snacks make the drive better


Husband and I have been having a positively lovely New England adventure.  I had grand plans to maintain my daily blogging schedule throughout the trip but vacationing and a lack of internet got in the way a bit.  Not that any of you were waiting devastatingly for my next profound words, but I still feel like I should I apologize.  So, I’m sorry.

One of the best parts (only reason?) of a road trip are the road snacks.  I simply cannot commit to a drive more than 30 minutes long sans a tasty selection of snacks and beverages.  Without the knowledge that blissful snacking is in my future, I grow très worried.  Naturally I stocked up on a variety of treats.  My husband’s snacks of choice are beef jerky and these scones.

{My favorite road snack is trail mix and this little concoction is “homemade” (i.e., buying the ingredients separately and throwing them all in a giant Tupperware.)}

{Days before our departure I finally got a mini muffin pan thanks to an anniversary gift card to Williams-Sonoma and felt I had to make something using the pan.  Mini coffee cakes were the winning treat (recipe to come next week) and they have been two bites of delicious and plenty adorable throughout our journey.}

{Oh gees that’s a lot of snacks for two people (and a dog). Don’t judge.}

Besides the array of snacks and unhealthy meals in restaurants, the highlights have been realizing we are true nerds at heart and love researching everything, that no matter how much we fight it my husband is simply a better navigator and I am a better driver (especially in cities), and Charlie really does sleep approximately 21 hours a day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!  I will be be back to the daily grind next week.  Sigh.  Until then, friends!

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