vacation destination: new england

Months of anticipation and storing up vacation time at work are finally paying off. Husband and I are New England bound on Saturday and I am ecstatic to cross off a few more items from my East Coast Bucket List. On the itinerary: New Haven, Connecticut (for a pit stop); Provincetown, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts; and Newport, Rhode Island. I am thoroughly looking forward to the drive (road trip!), walking on cobblestone streets, enjoying delicious beverages while lounging on adirondack chairs, and exploring new places. Charlie gets to join, too, which will make it a true family affair. I am certain my visions of New England are completely stereotypical, yet here are some images I am excited to see in real life. Vacation perfection.

{Cobblestone streets in Boston}

{Our hotel is right across the street from Boston Common}

{Cape Cod beach, although it will be a tad too chilly to enjoy in a swimsuit.}

{Boston neighborhood}

{Provincetown beach…doesn’t this look like Revenge? If only, Emily Thorne.}

{Cliff walk to gaze at summer cottages (i.e., mansions) in Rhode Island}

{Provincetown, MA at night.}

{I love lighthouses.}

{More cobblestone side streets. I wish all roads were like this!}

{Our hotel in Boston is off of Charles Street. How perfect!}

{I am a sucker for adorable storefronts.}

{Rhode Island. Can’t wait!}

I have been gathering tips for destinations (we are headed to The Purple Feather for sure) but would love to learn more. If any of you have recommendations of places to go, restaurants to try, and things to do please pass on the knowledge!

{All images found via Pinterest}


  1. I love the cobblestone streets!

  2. Nope, your impressions (particularly of the places you’re going) are spot on! While you’re in Boston, definitely eat in the North End (great italian, any place is excellent) and get some dessert from Mike’s Pastry (bring cash, and don’t be afraid to push your way to the counter). Also, greatly recommend the Bell in Hand for a bar….it’s near Faneuil Hall and is one of the (if not THE) oldest bars in Massachusetts. They used to have a really great cover band on weekends when I lived in Boston. Also, if you like Oysters, check out Union Oyster House. That is the oldest restaurant in Boston.

    I’ll stop now. Can you tell I miss New England waay waaay too much? But seriously, if you need any other tips, let me know 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Your recommendations sound perfect and just the kind of stuff we like to do. I really appreciate your help!

      • Ah, I forgot to click the check so follow-up comments came to my email! Sorry. You’re really welcome! I’ve been loving all your pictures so far, and I am really jealous. I need to move back to Boston, it’s really a great place to be. i’m so glad you had fun!

  3. Stunning pictures!

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