best wedding gifts

I have been in a wedding kind of mood lately and this week I am particularly nostalgic since my husband and I are celebrating our two-year wedding anniversary tomorrow.  (Be prepared for several anniversary and wedding related posts this week!)  Like I mentioned in this post, there are definite do’s and dont’s of wedding gift giving etiquette.  Since wedding season is here and weekends are quickly filling up with upcoming nuptials here is a peek at my favorite gifts to keep in your wedding gift shopping repertoire.   

A KitchenAid stand mixer can be a group gift.  It is quite spendy but will definitely be appreciated.

Crystal vases are a lifetime keepsake.  

We use our all-in-one knife multiple times a day.  It’s the perfect starter knife for new cooks.  

Everyone needs a cast iron fry pan.  

A colorful cheese knife set is practical and cute (and is less than $35!).  

I mentioned my husband’s and my love for our panini press on this post and the obsession is still growing strong.  

If you’re a coffee drinker then a grind and brew coffee maker is the way to go.  

Newlyweds often don’t have nice flatware for serving or entertaining which is why a white serving platter is a great item to begin their collection.  

We use this cozy quilt on our couch.  It is incredibly soft and comes in several colors.  

Glass canisters make organizing much prettier.  We received a set with goodies inside which made them even more charming.  

I love a cookbook for newlyweds because they usually have a nice variety of recipes that are simple and easy to prepare.  

We keep two mugs from our set of beer mugs in the freezer at all times, so we’re always ready for a frosty beverage.

{I hope this helps any gift-giving anxiety or inspires needed additions for your own home.  Happy wedding season!} 



  1. The kitchen aid stand mixer is a must have! After I graduated college my mom said she couldn’t let me move until I knew how to make a pie crust from scratch and owned a kitchen aid mixer! So she got me one and I absolutely love it.

  2. winterstar06 says:

    Perfect timing! I needed this one 😉 Thank you again for a lovely read.

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