spring workwear

Warmer weather is definitely here (or en route for some, sorry Pacific Northwest friends) which often brings wardrobe disasters in the workplace.  Bra straps, bare shoulders, and open-toed shoes are rearing their ugly unprofessional heads around the hospital complete with double-takes by me as I see these folks pass by in the halls.  It is possible to dress within the difficult combination of a business casual dress code, warm weather, and healthcare.

{Clockwise from top left: Button post earringsnavy blue shellopen-front cardigan (which I have and am obsessed with!), canvas work tote (easy to clean in case of coffee spillage), cropped pantsloafersgold watch,  leather wrap bracelet

Some trends are obviously not destined for the hospital (I may resist the urge to rock printed pants) however some trends can tastefully be incorporated (à la brightly colored pants) while keeping the rest toned down.  Keys to remember for spring workwear in a hospital or other business casual environment: 1) No bare shoulders {hence the cardigan above}. 2) No cleavage. 3) No open-toed shoes. 4) No pants shorter than ankle length.

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