earring essentials

I am not an earring connoisseur by any means.  In fact, I didn’t even know what Tiffany & Co was until my junior year in high school (gasp!) and I waited until I was 13 to have my ears pierced.  It was hard to be bothered with jewelry as a swimmer when it had to be removed three times a day for practice.  When I actually remember to put them on nowadays, I always feel more put together and polished with something shiny poking through my earlobe.  I believe there are five essential pairs that every gal needs, whether she sleeps in her studs or only wears them once a week.

{A pair for fancy occasions: I fell in love with these pearl jewel box earrings (now on sale!) for a recent black tie affair.  For gals who prefer non-dangly earrings these are the perfect blend of elegance and can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion.}

{Every girl needs one pair of sentimental earrings.  I used to wear a rose pair my grandmother gave me so much they broke and these quickly took their place when I received them last year.  They were given to me by a dearest pal (the mother of my new goddaughter) from Topshop courtesy of her trip to England and I simply adore them.  She always picks out the perfect gift!}

{Are you a pearl or diamond girl?  I am a believer in these pearl stud earrings, which dress up a classic with cabled silver and four tiny diamonds.}

{Sometimes a pop of color is needed and these bright flower earrings are perfect for bringing life to a monochromatic outfit or really showing love for lots of color all in one outfit.}

{Lastly, the essential everyday studs that go with workout clothes (which I often wear when running errands) or a typical work outfit.  Don’t like silver and can’t afford yellow gold?  Check out this black onyx pair which my sister rocks daily.}

Don’t forgot to enter yesterday’s giveaway which is still going strong!  You get a chance to win amazing handcrafted soap from a company in Oregon, which we all know does organic hippie better than anyone.  (Smiley face.)


  1. alexandriamarie1 says:

    Who cares what earrings you wear when you’ve got a beautiful face like yours!! Seriously though, your makeup looks amazing 🙂 I am sporting the diamond and pearl studs this very moment as they are my go-to for everyday wear. I am really enjoying your Topshop pair though!!

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