savory breakfast mini pies

A mini pie maker is one of those adorable concoctions that look lovely in the store yet rarely is a necessary item to purchase for oneself.  Husband and I received ours as a housewarming gift and have thoroughly enjoyed creating a variety of charming pies ever since.  A favorite in our house are savory breakfast mini pies.  The crust is not too sweet and creates the perfect companion to scrambled eggs and bacon.  These tasty pies are a little more time consuming than other breakfast dishes which made for a perfect leisurely Easter brunch.

{The key to perfect scrambled eggs: pour a little milk into the eggs, whisk, add pepper to taste and shredded cheese of choice, sauté vegetables (I used onions, peppers, and mushrooms) prior to adding the eggs so they are already cooked, and then scramble it all up.  When the eggs are halfway done add the pre-cooked and chopped (turkey) bacon.}

{To save time in the morning I made the dough the night before using a basic pie dough recipe.  Then all that needs to be done the morning of is to roll the dough out and cut with the mini pie pastry cutters.}

{Juice for him (and hot sauce), coffee for me.  What a perfect start to a Sunday.}

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