rustic stationery

There are plenty of adorable stationery options for gals and even couples, but what is a guy to do when sending out thank you notes for himself?  My husband was not excited about the prospect of sending out our monogram or my girly selection of cards for his birthday thank you notes and the pre-made boxed sets were underwhelmingly blah.  We did see a to-die-for set that would have been perfect for him at Bergdorf Goodman, which cost $75 for a set of eight.  Oh, please.   Well, the next best option is to choose hefty card stock with a recycled, rustic feel (aptly named paper bag) and adorn with stamps (here and here) representative of a Wyoming cowboy.

I added envelope liners with owls and deer on the paper and our return address stamp to complete the cards.  Did you also spy the card for Charlie?


  1. So adorable! I don’t think my boyfriend has ever sent out a thank you card in his life let alone a personalized one! Actually… .He did ask me to write a thank you note (via email mind you) for him to pretend was his own to send on to his grandmother… HA!

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