B H L D N you hold my heart

I feel a sense of camaraderie with anyone married prior to 2011 because we all suffered significantly.  B H L D N did not launch until Valentine’s Day 2011 and has been rocking wedding decor and attire ever since.  Of course that is no surprise given it is the spawn of Anthropologie.  When I first perused the inspired and breathtaking dresses and jewels on its opening day I shed a tiny tear for my former engaged self, knowing I missed out big time.  Sigh.  Luckily gals excluded from enjoying this miraculous website for bridal purposes can still participate without feeling like a total has-been.  Not everything screams wedding! and the majority of treasures would surely be useful for daily life like adorable striped straws and cupcake liners, which every kitchen necessitates anyway.  I have been browsing B H L D N frequently lately on the search for a bridesmaid dress for my best pal’s wedding this summer and, naturally, I found a few other items that are just begging to come home with me, too.

{A little chintzy, a lot of fun.  I think the white makes this Tentacled Server Cake Stand perfectly playful chic and would look adorable cozying up next to my soup tureen.}

{I hope I can look half as cute in the Spotted Glimmer Dress as the model does.}

{Everyone needs apothecary jars for storing and displaying treasures and these Glass Swallow Confection Jars are right up my alley with sweet birds perched on top.}

{Any giant knows finding low heels that are as divine as these Brocade Kitten Heels is a miraculous feat.  Just because they do not have a four inch stiletto heel does not decrease their style but, I believe, completely increases their grace.}

{I cannot tell you how long I searched for this exact Blank Slate Sign with no success!  Post-wedding I would use it in the yard (that we don’t have) and save it for other fêtes.}

{This Handyman’s Ceramic Pail would make a lovely gift, especially for someone who has a penchant for champagne.}

{I think these Split Birch Vases lend a perfect rustic vibe for an outdoor wedding or holding bright pink peonies in a rustic chic home.}

{I use Divine Twine quite frequently with baked goods, gift wrap, and our wedding invitations.}

{This Keepsake Necklace belongs on my neck with pictures of my favorite boys inside.}

{B H L D N boasts an adorable colleciton of clutches that, as expected, are different than most bridal clutches (i.e., white/ivory with ruffles).  I’d use this Firefly Clutch again and again.}

{Fill this Stout Spigot Cruet with a tasty beverage, invite friends over, and enjoy.}

Whether you are planning a wedding or not, B H L D N is sure to steal your heart, too.


  1. Why hello there! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! http://abetteryeartoabetterlife.com/2012/04/10/they-like-me-they-really-like-me/

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