look cute in scrubs {it is possible}

Don’t we all wish wearing scrubs looked this glamourous (albeit ridiculous)?  It is possible to look somewhat cute while rocking them.  One of my best pals is a labor and delivery nurse and she looks perfectly chic in her free time and at work.  I have seen her in action, too, since she helped deliver two of my nephews (aww) and I can honestly say she makes scrubs look good.  She left a brilliant comment on this post about how to look cute in scrubs and since I rocked them today (only on weekends, friends) I am highlighting a few tips to keep gals feeling like gals while bringing home the bacon in awkward duds.  Here are five essentials to making a scrub uniform look styling:

{1.  A bright watch.  Silicone watches are key if you’re dealing with gross bodily excrements.  I like this Toy Watch in hot pink for a bit of happiness every time you check the clock, which is approximately every eight minutes.}

{2. Adorable studs.  Dangly earrings are obviously a no-go in a hospital so opt for studs.  How sweet is this rose stud pair?}

{3. Pleasing shoes.  Say no to Crocs and clogs and yes to bright sneakers!  You’ll stay comfortable and look cute.}

{4. Hair accessories.  I am always hunting for the perfect headband and I have fallen in love with these.  They come in lovely colors and stay put well.  Sparkles for work, please!}

 {5. A hoodie.  When it gets chilly as it randomly does in a hospital don a cute and comfortable hoodie that is nondescript.} 

Remember: Wear scrubs that fit well (that means size tall for us giants) and be cogniscent of panty lines (i.e., scrub pants are not intended to be as tight as leggings).  Also, just because scrubs feel like sweats that does not mean you automatically need to feel slobby.  I find that shellacking just a little bit of makeup on and keeping relatively neat nails makes me feel more polished, which is especially nice when a bit of colostomy goo rubs off on you.  Eww.

So, go on my healthcare pals and take care of yourself.  You deserve it and you’ll be better at taking care of your patients when you’re taken care of, too.


  1. winterstar06 says:

    Yay! I am so excited to see this! I love the advice-especially about not trying to match your scrubs. It is so easy to forget that scrubs are not an outfit. Yesterday I got accused of wearing sweats to work-perhaps I do need to adjust my sizes? I also love the idea of trying bigger, bolder stud earrings. I am getting tired of my pearl or stone studs and they are not exciting at all. Thank you, my friend, and thanks to Brianna on the previous post as well.

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