white jeans for spring

This time of year is pure bliss (minus the allergies) because the weather, to this Oregonian, is perfection. The downside is knowing in just a few short weeks the humidity will arrive and the temperature will hardly dip below 90° which equals one grumpy Maryland-dwelling gal. In an effort to take advantage of the pleasantly fair weather I am covering up my limbs rather than bare my skin during these first warm days.  There is plenty of time for skimpy dresses later when the heat is near-insufferable.  So now, even though it is well before Memorial Day, is the ideal time for white jeans. (Does anyone even pay attention to that old rule anymore?)

{Jeans: Seven for all Mankind (old), similar style here.  Shirt: J.Crew.  Belt: J.Crew (old), similar style here. Scarf: Similar style here.  Shoes: Read about them here.}


  1. I love you watch, what is it?

  2. alexandriamarie1 says:

    Girl, you read my mind. Was in Anthropologie a couple of days ago and was seriously contemplating purchasing these http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/clothes-denim/24264103.jsp but decided against it as it has yet to even be 60 degrees here. Loving you in yours!!

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