wheat pita bread

Ever since we went to Greece the husband and I have been obsessed with Greek food.  Greek salad is in weekly rotation for dinner and we usually seek out Greek restaurants whenever possible (especially hole-in-the-wall gyro joints).  All we need to do is find a distributor for Mythos and my life will be complete.  Because of this obsession I have tried several pita dough recipes to accompany our Greek salads, souvlaki, and tzatziki.  This recipe has turned out to be the best in terms of simplicity and taste.  Of course I always find a few things to change so if you try the recipe I recommend adding in an extra tablespoon of olive oil and skipping the time-consuming second rise part (covering with plastic wrap, etc.) because it seriously does not affect the final result.  

{Remember, good quality ingredients make a difference.  The recipe calls for bread flour which gives a lighter dough.}

{The key to a successful first rise when making dough is to place the dough in a warm spot.  I usually place the bowl with the dough on the stove above or near the pre-heating oven.  Just make sure it’s not too hot.  Works every time!} 

{I form each pita to be approximately the size of my palm, however, keep in mind that in addition to being a giant I have freakishly big hands.  Also, I wasn’t lying, a pizza stone will change your life and is très useful with pita bread.}

{These cook quickly, beware!  Take them out when they are slightly browned on top and puffed up.  I had planned on using a freshly baked pita for a sandwich but someone ate the rest of the pastrami.  Dinner ruined.  Sigh.  Glaring eyes.}


  1. Very impressive – you got a good puff 😀

  2. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I love Greek food so I will definitely be tryung this! Have you been to Chris’ Charcoal Pit on Wesr street in Annapolis? Great Greek and mediterranean food!

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