how to make cute letters for home

My favorites are keeping me busy these days and I could not be more ecstatic about it.  One is tying the knot and another just had a baby.  Although I live 3,000 miles away I try to feel in the loop and connected by crafting it up for their big events.  The other weekend I created these letters for the new baby girl’s nursery (decorated in gold, gray, and pink).  Of course being 3,000 miles away I have only seen nursery decor via pictures so I hope my attempt to coordinate actually works.  Although I’d like my pal to think the letters took forever and a day to painstakingly create they are actually quite simple and fun to do.  If you have any wee babes on the way in your family or circle of friends I suggest giving these a try!


{Cardboard letters, paint and brush, bookbinding glue, fancy paper, scissors, pencil, and tacks.}


{Trace the letters (remember to reverse them!) using the pencil on the backside of the paper.}

{Use the tacks to raise the letters.  This helps tremendously when painting to keep the edges looking neat.}

{Paint the sides and over the edges.  I used two coats.}

{While the paint is drying cut out the letters.  Trick I learned from fabricating splints: Make long cuts using the base of the scissors to prevent the edges from being jagged.}

{When the paint is dry, brush the top of the letters with the glue and carefully apply the paper.}

{Coat the entire letter with glue, which ensures the paper will not poke up and gives a shiny finish.}

{Let the finished letters dry on the tacks overnight.  And there you have it, a completely personal and customizable gift for your favorites.}


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:


  2. They are oh so fabulous! I adore the LOLA letters. The colors are perfectly coordinating with her room. I am lucky to have such an awesome and crafty friend 🙂 Miss you so much & I can’t wait until you finally get to meet her!

  3. I LOVE these Les! So cute! I can’t wait to make some! Where did you get the craft fabric paper stuff?

    • Thank you, Linds! Most of the supplies are from Paper Source. Click on the link (in bold) and it will take right to the item. Thanks for reading!

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