simple and easy style {back to basics}

There is nothing quite better than a gooey grilled cheese sandwich.  It is the perfect comfort food which is exactly what I needed for dinner last night.  Husband said how about baked breaded cod with a salad?  I said no, just grilled cheese.  He said how about a greek salad with toasted garlic bread?  I said no, just grilled cheese for me.  So there we were, making our respective grilled cheese sandwiches:  I am cutting up three kinds of cheese in 60 seconds, throwing it on the panini press, and less than three minutes later I am eating dinner.  Bliss.  Husband proceeds to spend nearly thirty minutes cutting up vegetables to make a ridiculously complicated grilled vegetable, cheese, and pastrami sandwich.  Meanwhile I am finished with dinner and sitting on the couch writing this post, which makes me wonder:  

What is wrong with plain and simple?  Why does everything have to be so complicated?

So here’s to the Plain Jane in all of us because sometimes most of the time all those layers, fancy makeup, and complicated hairdos are exhausting.  I tend to gravitate towards simple items in general therefore I thought an outfit featuring the basic sustenance every gal needs in her clothing repertoire is a needed and refreshing option to keep in mind.  Sometimes less (or Les, if you will) is more.


{There is no need for fancy hair every day, a simple pony tail can look plenty chic.  What is a more basic staple than a classic white button-up?  Keep it looking bright and it will never let you down.  I mentioned this gold leaf necklace on this post before.  I just love how delicate and perfectly uncomplicated it is.}

{Achieve neutral nails with Essie nail polish in Curtain Call.  A gold watch looks effortless and is always in style.  Dark skinny jeans are the key to achieving a simple look.  Leave the ripped holes and bedazzling for another outfit!  Oh, how I adore a trench coat: clean, ladylike, functional.}

{Every girl needs a pair of pearl earrings in their jewelry box for a classic look.  Wearing nude pumps will dress the look up while keeping the vibe easy.  For a casual Friday work outfit I would trade the pumps for flats.  I just love the simple shape of this purse and the stripe makes it a bit more intriguing.}

There you have it, pals.  A chic outfit made up of simple (dare I say plain?) items.  What are the basics in your closet that you turn to?


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    This suits my style to a T. I love simple and classic. It doesn’t get much better!

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