exception to the no shopping rule {a black tie affair}

You read correctly my friends, the No Shopping Rule has been temporarily lifted for a very special circumstance.  I performed a happy dance for five milliseconds and then plummeted into a state of crippling anxiety due to the cause: A last-minute invitation to a black tie wedding in Washington, DC.  Having always dreamt of a life filled with fancy dresses and luxurious events I am très excited yet a part of me feels, well, extremely unprepared.  I am a girl who tends to spend months finding the dress and then analyzing over the shoes, accessories, hair styles, and makeup look.  Now months of crazy are condensed into 1.5 weeks!  (And, let’s be real, I haven’t been attending the gym as often as I would knowing said black tie event is imminent.)  I neither have a gown nor appropriate accessories.  Husband has neither a black suit nor a tux.  Gulp.  Sigh.  Should we even go?  we pondered.   But isn’t it silly to let a little thing like attire hold one back?

Enter Rent the Runway which I am hoping will be my saving grace.  For a fraction of the price a gal can rent an amazing (and way out of my price range) gown.  The gals who invented this phenomenon are pure geniuses.  Of course I turned to Emily Post first to find out the proper attire for formal affairs as to not appear straight off the farm (my mother’s infamous phrase).  Then I began relentlessly badgering my stylish pals Alix and Alex for their opinions on gown selection.

With two gowns en route, Spanx purchased, two clutches recently ordered, a bracelet on its way, a hundred emails written, and a few old pairs of shoes dusted off I am feeling less stressed and a bit giddy for my first black tie affair (I am quite certain high school prom does not count).  And, naturally, a post is not complete without a few drool-worthy items to gaze at that would certainly complete a black tie worthy ensemble:

{kate spade new york ‘charm’ slingback pump}

{Hair inspiration from Lauren Conrad}

{Yves Saint Laurent ‘Belle de Jour’ Patent Tweed Clutch}

{J. Crew Pearl Jewel Box Earrings}

{Lauren Merkin ‘Lucy Pearl’ Patent Clutch}

{kate spade new york ‘gerbera garden’ line bracelet}

{Sondra Roberts ‘Rose’ Satin Box Clutch}

{David Yurman Blue Topaz, Diamond & Sterling Silver Ring}

Post Script: If you didn’t notice, Pearls on a String is also getting a little fancier!  In celebration of reaching over 500 followers she’s sprucing up a bit.  Feel free to grab her new button and put it on your blog if you have one and feel so inclined.  Pardon the dishevelment while I attempt to learn code and adjust all the image/layout issues.  And, of course, thank you for everyone’s continued support!

{Created by Noa of Grain Custom Graphic Works}


  1. winterstar06 says:

    Sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see how great you two look!


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