learning to enjoy the east coast

It’s true, I am posting about why the east coast isn’t so bad.  (Please accept my apologies, Pacific Northwest.)  Although I will always remain true to my Oregon roots, I have to admit that living on the other side of the country has been a mostly lovely experience.  There are many aspects about this area that I am learning to appreciate, such as:

{Driving at/over the speed limit}

{Not feeling silly for dressing up}

{Working at world renowned medical facilities}

{Brewing my own coffee every day}

{Proximity to interesting and historic locations}

{The wonderful friends we have made by moving next door to the best people ever}

My husband and I are enjoying exploring the area and planning future excursions to cross off our East Coast Bucket List.  While we’re certainly not screaming “East coast for life!” at the top of our lungs, we’ve had several in-love moments:

{Overlooking the Potomac River at The Madeira School.  It looks a little like Oregon, yeah?}

{Enjoying a lovely winter day sans rain on the pier in Annapolis}

{I’ve mentioned the Hope and Glory Inn in Virginia a few times (here and here) which is just the most adorable destination.  We celebrated our one year anniversary here and had the most amazing meals of my life.}

{Of course Oregon has an amazing autumn but, ahem, I have to admit that fall is pretty in Annapolis, too.}

{Charlie still gets to rock his lifejacket for kayak excursions}

{Enjoying the water view at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore}

{Quite possibly the coldest winter day in New York City but we found a lovely view from Central Park}

{Living far away means we get visitors!  My sister’s family joined us last spring and we spent a day showing them Washington, DC}

{Seriously how cute is Annapolis?  I love living in this town.}

{This can happen here, too!}

{An incredibly adorable lunch spot in Bethesda, Maryland}

{Spring is actually here and it is only March!}

Next month the three of us (Nate, Charlie, and me) are loading up the old truck and heading to Cape Cod and Boston for a much-needed getaway.  Any suggestions of activities, restaurants, and/or shopping?


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    Naptown for life! (yes, I’m a little biased from growing up there!)

  2. Newbury Street in Boston is awesome for shopping. And Chatham, Hyannis, and Provincetown on the Cape! If you need any other New England suggestions, let me know! I’m from Central MA 🙂

    xoxox Shay

    • Thank you so much for the recommendations! I will be sure to check them out. We actually are headed to Provincetown for two nights so any restaurants or activities you know of there would be awesome to know!

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