hey giant girl, stand up straight!


I am a tall girl.  Five feet and ten inches tall.  There are many women who are taller than me, yet still I tend to stick out like a Saint Bernard at the dog park:

I am frequently told: “You must have played basketball!” (I did not) or “Wow, you’re tall” (affirmative) or “Were you a model?” (oops, that last one actually never happens).  Nonetheless, these incessant questions/accusatory statements grow old quickly.  I have grown used to my height and feel is it not worthy of daily conversation until yesterday.  

I was perusing my pictures for a blog post I had in mind (why the east coast ain’t that bad…just kidding, like I would ever say “ain’t”) when I noticed how positively atrocious I look in some pictures because I am crouching down to the height of my munchkin friends.  Ugh, it looks awful!  I know I am not the only giant afflicted with this tendency and I feel this must be stopped.  Tall Girls, stand up straight for crying out loud!  You’ll look much better and less conspicuous with an erect posture than playing crouching tiger, hidden sasquatch with the wee folk.  Observe:

Horrible slouching in an attempt to cut off half of my body.

Much better!  That dress doesn’t do my figure many favors but it’s obvious how proper posture can affect one’s appearance.

Your mom was right to “gently” remind you: Stand up straight!  This means shoulders back, head held high, and enjoy the view of the top of everyone’s head (even if this means you are mistaken for your friends’ mother).  Long live the giants!


  1. winterstar06 says:

    You just made my day with this reminder; I am very guilty of this terrible habit. Also, I laughed out loud at “crouching tiger, hidden sasquatch”!

  2. Ohhh, I totally know the feeling. I, too, crouch down to be on the same level as my friends in pictures, most of whom are short (I’m 5’8) and I have horrible posture. While I’m not overly conscious of my height most days, it hits home when I see photos and i’m always the tallest or when I’m on the metro and every guy around me is at least 2 inches shorter (I have a weird pet peeve about that)!

    I need to get over it and be proud. Or just correct my posture. Either works 🙂

    • I hear you, I never really realize how tall I am until I see pictures and I am towering over all my pals! But, it’s good to own it and stand up straight which I need to remind myself all the time.


  1. […] true, I am posting about why the east coast isn’t so bad.  (Please accept my apologies, Pacific Northwest.)  Although I will always remain true to my […]

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