navy blue trumps black

Post Number Two of Steal Ideas from Très Chic Pals: Navy Blue is Best

Black is lame. Predictable. A liar.

How can a color be a liar?  Well, black is supposed to look good on everyone, right?  That is the rule.  That is why Little Black Dresses exist and why women who live in New York City are reportedly completely clad in the shade (not that I would actually know).  The truth is, I look dreadful in black.  Not chic, but goth.  Awkward.  Weird.  Like I am trying too hard.

Thank goodness for my best pal, Alex (pictured above wearing a grayish navy blue), who showed me the light many years ago: Navy blue is the way to go.  It is sophisticated yet approachable; Unexpected yet classic.  I quickly became obsessed (of course after the obligatory several year hiatus following sporting navy blue uniforms for years in Catholic school).  Alex is usually wearing navy blue and always looks chic. The color brings out her ridiculously beautiful blue eyes and leaves her looking polished and lovely.  Also, navy blue is just as slimming as black and can easily be worn as a monochromatic look. Just check out this outfit.

{Here she is mixing navy blue prints, looking adorable as always. I am sporting navy blue stripes as well, naturally. And, on the left, our best pal Tessa who happens to be mentioned in this post.}

Are you a believer in navy blue yet? You surely will after looking at these sweet additions which will undoubtedly bring charm to your home and wardrobe.

{I love my bright pink pair so much that a navy blue pair of Tory Burch Kendrick Driving Loafers is an obvious necessity. They are perfect for work and play. Oh and did I mention these shoes are beyond comfortable?}

{kate spade double strand necklace. Pearls and navy blue? It’s like eating chocolate and peanut butter.}

{A classic and crisp navy blue cardigan will definitely earn its keep in your closet.}

{This navy and ivory striped pillow spices up a classic combination.}

{Oh, hello, Michael Kors watch. How convenient that you already match my entire closet!}

{This vase from Anthropologie is sadly sold out which is leaving me stifling back a stream of tears. You belong on the shelves in my dining room right next to my soup tureen, Adorable Flowered Vase!}

{Of course you need this J. Crew polka dot dress.}

{This leather double wrap bracelet is hospital friendly because it is not too delicate or flashy. Remember healthcare practitioners like to look chic, too!}

{A navy blue blazer is a closet necessity. And how lovely does it look paired with white pants and chambray? I am certain a black blazer would definitely not work as well.}

If your closet is dominated by black apparel try a new basic by investing in navy blue.  With spring here and summer approaching, it is time to lighten up, my friends!


  1. i love the tory burch loafers! they look so comfy.


  2. alexandriamarie1 says:

    There are no words, love this post!! ❤

  3. Love the Kate Spade necklace. I’ve been searching for a great navy blazer FOREVER. More challenging than it should be. Great post!

  4. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I’m obsessed with navy blue. I own everything J. Crew makes in the color. I think I need that Michael Kors watch! Great post!

  5. The Kendrick loafers are beyond comfy. I’ve been a diehard Tory Burch Reva fan (and still am) but the Kendrick loafers are like walking on pillows. I got mine in white/bleached tumbled leather


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